The Seventh Day 2021

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Watch full movie The Seventh Day on flixtor website in 1080p HD. The movie story takes place in New Orleans. The main character of the movie is Father Daniel. One day he arrives at the local church to be trained by an experienced exorcist. Here, he comprehends all the secrets of driving demons out of possessed people. The same day a young guy is brought to church, who is accused of a terrible crime. Church representatives are convinced that he did it under the influence of bad forces. Ahead of Daniel is a real hell on Earth, as he has to deal with his own demons. Will Daniel be able to pass the tests and will his faith not shake?

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Review of the movie The Seventh Day (2021).
For horror and exorcism aficionados, Austrian filmmaker Justin P. This movie is about a popular exorcist and a rookie priest who forme a team to train the priest. As they dive deep into the hellfire of this world, the limit among great and evil gets obscured, and their own devils are additionally uncovered.

The Seventh Day 2021

Genre: 2021Horror



Quality: HD


Date: March 27, 2021

IMDb: 4.4

Duration: 87 min