Save the Cinema 2022

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Watch full movie Save the Cinema 2022 online in HD on flixtor streaming site. Liz Evans, a hairdresser, is introduced in the film. At first glance, she appears to be similar to the other provincial residents of her small Welsh town, but this is not the case. Liz has an insatiable appetite for film and creativity. She also runs a local youth theatre, allowing the next generation to express themselves while gaining valuable experience. When one of the establishments important to the heroine of the film “Save the Cinema” faces closure as a result of the greedy mayor and the corruption schemes devised by his associates, she realises she must fight. Despite her initial disadvantage, Liz participates in this fight to uphold her ideals.

In Liz’s life, 1993 marks the start of a large-scale campaign. She is able to contact Steven Spielberg, who is eager to assist her in this difficult situation. He agrees to host a special premiere of his cult classic Jurassic Park.

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The story of Liz Evans, a resident of the small town of Carmarthen in South West Wales, who in the nineties launched a massive campaign to save the local cinema from the encroachments of the greedy mayor and his corrupt minions.

Save the Cinema 2022

Genre: 2022DramaMyflixer


Quality: HD


Date: May 28, 2022

IMDb: 6.7

Duration: 109 min