The Lost City 2022

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Watch full movie The Lost City 2022 online in HD on flixtor website for free. Loretta Sage is the author of several successful love-adventure novels, one of which features attractive Dash McMahon as one of the major characters. He appears on all of Loretta’s novel covers, and he is adored by all Loretta lovers. Alan, who willingly poses for Loretta’s book covers and attends events, is the personification of Dash in real life. The author prefers to live in seclusion and dislikes attending public activities. Loretta’s most recent book is about heroes on a quest to find an ancient forgotten city full of treasures.
Loretta was compelled to agree to participate in the presentation at the request of her agency, not suspecting that eccentric millionaire Fairfax would kidnap her immediately from the celebration, convinced that the writer would help him find his way to the lost city. When Alan learned of Loretta’s kidnapping, he resolved to show her that he is more than just a gentleman on the cover, but a man capable of great deeds. Alan had no idea what adventures lay ahead of them when he set out to save Loretta.

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Review of the movie The Lost City 2022.
According to the plot, a well-known author goes on tour to promote her new novel, accompanied by a man who designs the book’s cover. The pair winds up in the jungle by chance following an attempted kidnapping by a nefarious adversary.

The Lost City 2022

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Quality: HD


Date: May 13, 2022

IMDb: 6.8

Duration: 112 min