Hatching 2022

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Watch full movie Hatching 2022 online in HD on flixtor USA & UK streaming site. The movie story is about a typical modern American family. Everything is commanded by the mother, who maintains the family’s Instagram page, where everything is presented as if their family is an absolute ideal. They live in an incredibly bright house, around which there are too many roses. Such concepts of beauty in the mother. The henpecked father does not try to object to her, as do the children, daughter Tinja and little son Matias. One day, a frightened crow broke the glass and entered the house. Tinja caught the bird and gave it to her mother, who immediately killed it and returned it to her daughter.

The girl was in shock. Now she went to the forest to bury the bird. And there she found an egg, apparently abandoned. Tinja took the egg and, hiding from everyone, put it under the covers. Soon the egg began to grow, and reached a gigantic size, after which some kind of monster hatched from it. However, it was only a monster on the outside, and thanks to her mother, Tinja knows that it’s better not to judge anyone by appearance, so she began to take care of this creature, trying to be a better mother to him than her own mother. brother’s excessive curiosity, keeping the monster that lives in Tinja’s room a secret is becoming increasingly difficult. Adding more stress is the gymnastics coach from whom she takes lessons. This woman regularly exhausts the girl so that she has bruises and calluses after class. A series of difficult situations eventually makes Tinja realize that the only monster that lives in the house is her mother.

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Review of the movie Hatching 2022.
A young gymnast, trying her best to please her demanding mother, finds a strange egg and hides it in warmth. But what hatches from the egg shocks the whole family.

Hatching 2022

Genre: 2022HorrorMystery

Country: ,

Quality: HD


Date: May 19, 2022

IMDb: 6.8

Duration: 86 min