I Got the Hook Up 2 2019

Closest companions and old fashioned road hawkers Black and Blue went genuine twenty years prior when they opened their family eatery. Be that as it may, with the wellbeing monitor taking steps to close them down, they could lose everything. Now it’s up to youthful hooligan trick specialists Fatboy and Spyda to venture up and make all the difference. What’s more, a stolen shipment of the most sizzling advanced cells may very well be the ticket, inasmuch as the cops and a few homicidal packs don’t get them first. Return and visit the old neighborhood in this amusing all-new satire great considerably more out of control than the first.

I Got the Hook Up 2 2019

Genre: 2019Comedy


Quality: HD


Date: July 16, 2019

IMDb: 3.9

Duration: 1h 47min