All The Old Knives 2022

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Watch full movie All The Old Knives 2022 online in HD on free hd movie streaming website. The movie is about a CIA officer Henry Pelham to reinvestigate the longtime Flight 127 case. Eight years ago, a Royal Jordanian airliner was hijacked by terrorists. Unfortunately, as a result, everyone on board died. The public believes that the CIA failed to prevent the tragedy. This failure continues to haunt the intelligence service to this day. And now the boss tells Henry that the case on that ill-fated flight is being reopened. New data has emerged: an unknown traitor from a CIA cell in Vienna helped the hijackers. Pelham is tasked with finding out if the “mole” was among his colleagues. One of the prime suspects is retired operative Celia Harrison. In the old days, Henry had an affair with her. Pelham is ordered to keep the chief’s order secret. The operation is strictly classified. The operative decides to check the former and invites her to a restaurant. Henry and Celia were once lovers, and besides, they are united by a spy past. During a meeting after a long separation, they have something to remember at dinner, having passed a glass of expensive wine. The woman hopes that passion will flare up between them again. But intuitively feels that a secret game is being played against her.

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Review of the movie All The Old Knives 2022.
Celia and Henry, former partner agents and lovers, appear to meet by chance in Carmel, California, after a long separation. They reminisce about their romantic past over dinner at a cosy restaurant on the Pacific coast, unaware that each has an order for the other.

All The Old Knives 2022

Genre: 2022MyflixerThriller



Quality: HD


Date: April 11, 2022

IMDb: 6.1

Duration: 101 min