Umma 2022

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Watch full movie Umma 2022 online in HD on flixtorto USA & UK streaming site. The main character of the movie is a middle-aged Korean immigrant Amanda. She lives with her teenage daughter Chrissie (Fivel Stewart) on a remote farm in the countryside. They make a living selling honey from their own apiary and are far from modern technology. One day, Chrissy tells her mother that she wants to continue her education, and after finishing the school program, which she goes through at home, the girl plans to go to college. This upsets Amanda because she expected her daughter to stay with her on the farm. But one day their calm and well-established life is turned upside down. Amanda receives a terrible package from Korea – the cremated ashes of her mother.

Amanda’s childhood was not cloudless, her mother (Miva Alana Lee) raised her alone, immigrating to the United States, but due to her mother’s abuse and constant conflicts, the woman was forced to break all relations and ties with her. Amanda also renounced her last name and her Korean heritage, so she didn’t teach Korean to Chrissy and never talked about her native culture. Now, when the ashes of their mother are in their house. Amanda realizes with horror that her evil and cruel mother will not just leave their lives.

And she was right, because shortly after the arrival of the parcel with the ashes, the evil spirit of the mother appears on the farm, which begins to pursue Amanda in order to move into her body. A woman now and then notices supernatural phenomena and strange visions for which she cannot find an explanation. But the worst thing is that Amanda begins to realize that she is gradually turning into her own mother, the woman attacks Chrissy and even tries to kill her once. Having no other choice and with the hope of getting rid of the nightmares that haunt her, Amanda decides to immediately bury her mother’s ashes. But whether the spirit of the mother will allow her to do this, we will find out by watching the chilling horror.

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Review of the movie Umma 2022.
This is an American horror film directed by Iris K. Shim. Produced by Catchlight Studios. Starring: Dermot Mulroney, Sandra Oh, Odeya Rush, Fievel Stewart, Tom Y, Daniel Golden, Miwa Alana Lee, Hana Marie Kim and others

Umma 2022

Genre: 2022DramaHorrorMyflixerMystery



Quality: HD


Date: May 20, 2022

IMDb: 4.7

Duration: 83 min