Shattered 2022

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Watch full movie Shattered 2022 online in HD. The story of the movie is about the life of rich Chris, who recently divorced his wife, who continued to live with their joint child. After some time, a single man accidentally meets the beautiful Skye in an ordinary store – the girl immediately made a strong impression on Chris. Shortly after they met, the main characters of the film “Shattered” go on a date, where the man for the first time begins to notice oddities in the behavior of a new acquaintance. However, he does not yet suspect how sinister thoughts lurk in Skye’s mind. Everything comes to light when Chris learns that his wife and child have been kidnapped and are in an unknown location in mortal danger. Problems snowball as Chris, besotted by Skye’s charms, tries to figure out how to get his wife and child out of the trap? Watch free movies on FlixTor One site in 4k.

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Review of the movie Shattered 2022.
It starts off as a run-of-the-mill thriller.The protagonist behaves unbelievably for a millionaire. Events are developing rapidly and now the “bird in the cage”. An absurd scene of Malkovich and Frank Grillo’s carnage enters the game with even more chatter happening on the screen.

Shattered 2022

Genre: 2022MyflixerThriller


Quality: HD


Date: January 19, 2022

IMDb: 5.1

Duration: 92 min