Black Crab 2022

How to stream movie Black Crab 2022 on flixtor online?
Watch full movie Black Crab 2022 online in HD on flixtor .to website for free. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world. The survivors banded together in groups, and there is an unbreakable war between them. The main character is a member of one of the parties’ armed forces. Her team will have to navigate an ice-covered bay in order to deliver a capsule containing extremely valuable information to a specific location. She understands that her chances of success are slim, but she has no choice but to obey the order because her missing child’s life may depend on it.

Black Crab 2022

Genre: 2022ActionAdventureDramaMyflixer



Quality: HD


Date: March 24, 2022

IMDb: 5.7

Duration: 110 min