Ballbuster 2020

Watch movie Ballbuster 2020 flixtor online. This movie is about Rich Johnson. He has built a brilliant basketball career. But now it’s time to take a little break. It has come a long way from the bottom to incredible heights. But its ascent has always been associated with overcoming serious difficulties. After being suspended from major league games, Rich Johnson decided to go on a small charity tour with other professional basketball players.

During this crazy trip, Rich will survive a series of the most incredible adventures. These adventures will repeatedly make him appear in comic situations. Having gone through all these unusual trials, Rich Johnson will finally know what is most important for him in life and what he never appreciated. Watch free flixtor movies online without any interference of ads.

Ballbuster 2020

Genre: 2020ComedyFixtorSport


Quality: HD


Date: August 14, 2020

IMDb: 3.9

Duration: 86 min