Alice 2022

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Watch full movie Alice 2022 online in HD on My Flixers website for free. Alice, 15, learns that she will go blind soon. Her mother withheld this information from her for several years and continues to insist that everything is fine. Alice believes that spending the remaining “sighted” time on school is a waste of time and has lost interest in high academic performance and diligent behaviour. The girl resolves to mature as soon as possible, earn “easy” money, and relocate to a large and beautiful city. Teenage fantasies are painfully shattered by harsh reality.

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Review of the movie Alice 2022.
The plot revolves around Alice, a black girl who is attempting to free herself from slavery on a plantation in rural Georgia. When Alice escapes, she finds herself in the woods, where she meets Frank, a black activist who informs her that the year is 1973. The heroine embarks on an incredible journey down the rabbit hole to the country’s south to reconsider the legend of the victory over slavery.

Alice 2022

Genre: 2022DramaMyflixer


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Quality: HD


Date: April 7, 2022

IMDb: 5.4

Duration: 100 min